Apocalyptic crush

(Olivia Rodrigo)

Yeah, you must think you’re funny calling him at ten o’clock
You think he thinks you’re pretty, I can guarantee he does not
I know you see me, do you think that you can win this game?

Yeah, you must think that you’re so attractive when you’re playing dumb
The only thing you’re showing him is how desperate you’ve become
I hope you trip over the boundaries that you’ve stepped right over

But go ahead and shoot your shot
Baby, let me know how it goes
Know him better than you thought
And I think you should know

You’re his apocalyptic crush
He’d like you only if there was
No one left on Earth
Babe, I’m sorry if that hurts
But he’s mine until then

You’re his apocalyptic crush
If we all died you’d be the one
Who’d get to kiss him in the ashes
So hey, what are the chances of World War 3?
‘Cause he’s never gonna like you like he likes me

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