The salmon dance ft. Fatlip

(Chemical Brothers, Fatlip)

Hello Boys and girls, my name is FatLip
and this is my friend, Sammy, the Salmon
«What it do?»
Today, we’re going to teach you some fun facts about Salmon
And a brand new dance
Let me introduce to you a brand new dance
I know you’re gonna love it if you give it one chance
It’s not complicated, it’s not too hard
You don’t even have to be a hip hop star
See anyone can do it, all you need is style
Listen up peep gang I’m gonna show you how
Put your hands to the side, as silly as it seems
And shake your body like a salmon floatin’ up stream!
I’ll float up stream
(you know how we do it, you know how we do it)
«All my peeps spend part of their life in fresh water»
«And part of their life in salt water»
Wow, very interesting
«We change round a couple of days after spawning»
«Then we die»
When I first did the Salmon all the people just laughed
They looked around and stood like I was on crack
I heard somebody say out loud what the fuck is that
This nigga’s dancin like a fish while he’s doin’ the snap
But the more I kept doing it the more they kept feelin’ it
And then I heard some bitches say yo that niggas killin’ it
By the end of the night everyone was on my team
And the whole club was dancing like a salmon floatin’ up stream!
I’ll float up stream
(you know how we do it, you know how we do it)
«Most of our friends find their home waters by sense of smell»
«Which is even more keen than that of a dog or a bear»
«My family also rely on ocean currents, tides»
«The gravitational pull of the moon» (I’m floatin’ upstream again)
The moon? Fish pay attention to the moon? Wow. Who knew?
«Did you know?»
«That I could go to Japan, and back»
You’re kidding me. Amazing. Jeez.
«Polluted water can kill both baby salmon, that are developing»
«And the adult salmon, that are on their way to spawn»
Wow, what a shame, what a shame
Wow. Hey, s-kids, hey give it up for s-Sammy the Salmon and his amazing salmon dance
Huh? Whadda ya say?
Who’s hungry?

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